WD 3200BEKT Not identified by BIOS of hp'S DV5220US

Scorpio Black notebook Hd is not identified by BIOS of HP Pavillion laptop series DV5220US , Model EZ415UA.

The original HD was SATA 120GB, 5400 rpm.

I recall that this HD was listed as compatible (On vendor website) to  DV5220US , Model EZ415UA.

When booted from Acronis True Image, Hard drive is identified and I can format it.

I would appreciate to know if this HD is compatible and if it is what can do for BIOS to identify it?

Do I need to use jumper? Must resove this in 3 days because my son needs his laptop


Hi It looks like a older laptop have you tried to update the bios. Also if you are still running xp on it the 4k sector drives need to be aligned. There is no jumper to set the speed of the drive. But it needs bios to see it before anything can be done so try the bios update for it, I see there have been a few updates for it. It is only the BPKT models that are advanced format so yours should be a normal one.