WD 320 Passport stopped working

I set my hdd beside my touchpad on my laptop earlier and when I went to pick up my laptop I put a little too much pressure on my hdd and it made a weird sound like I stopped something from spinning inside of it. I’ve tried to run diagnostics on it and it wont find the hdd. It installed the drivers and says it is ready to use. I went into my device manager and it reads it as a device, I just can’t access it. It is very important to get my data off of it somehow, I have tons and tons of family pictures and home videos stored on it. Is there anything that I myself can do before I take it somewhere and get charged an arm and a leg?

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

No.  When you put the pressure on the drive, you may have driven the head into the platter.  If there is multiple platters, you might be able to save some of the data, but you will need to go to data recovery to do so.  You can find data recovery partners on our support page.