WD 320 Blue problems

Developed problems with WD 32000AAKS. Right now will not boot because I tried a Acronis restore and it reported archive corrupt and quit. Dont know if archive mentioned is my HD or Acronis backup archive. Anyway, upon reboot I get BSOD right away. Ran DataLifeguard and passed extended test.

Any recomendation on getting this to boot again so I can repair Windows? What software is recommended to repair WD drives. I dont feel Data Lifeguard does much. Maybe I am mistaken. When running extended test, claims it will correct bad sectore, true? Evidently I never see anything other than that it passed. I did CHKDSK and got attribute record corrupted.

Appreciate any help is getting this HD back.

Tried Acronis restore and got to a point computer would at least boot, but many errors. Performed a Win XP repair. Am able to boot and tried various restore folders from Acronis. Computer starting to operate, but I know it is not ‘right’.

But more to my point. Are there any recommended software to examine, repair a hard drive. I only used CHKDSK and Data Lifeguard (which always passes extended test).  Is there any god software to have available?