WD 2TB Wireless pre-loaded files lost after format

I have Windows XP SP3 on my desktop and I came to know that WD MyPassport Wireless 2TB drive is not supported on XP. I read on WD forums and came to know that the exFAT GPT partition needs to be formatted so that it gets converted to MBR partition. I tried to take a backup of the pre-loaded files on my Android phone (Samsung Galalxy Note 2) with my Cloud app, but it was too slow.

Hence I used a third party tool which guaranteed to convert the GPT partition to MBR without loosing any files on the drive. I tried it out, but the drive partition got corrupted instead. I was left with no other option but to format it using DISKPART utility, but even here I made a mistake and used /cleanall command instead of /clean command which wiped out all the pre-loaded files (0s overwritten over current data).

I also tried some third party data recovery softwares but they were unable to detect anything on the drive.

I called up WD customer care support, but they mentioned that there was no way to get back all the pre-loaded files on the drive, and only the videos/tutorials/pdfs on WD site can be used alternatively.

So, I’m left with no other option but to ask for help from anyone in this forum who has all pre-loaded files (all folders structures intact as seen during first use) to share them either over Google Drive/OneDrive/Dropbox or mail them to my mail ID vikrantbansode@gmail.com (I know these pre-loaded files are huge in size, so the first option would be viable).

The folder structure is - 1) Product How to Videos, 2) Quick Install Guide, 3) Sample Media, 4) User Manuals, 5) WD Quick View for Mac, 6) WD Software, 7) WD Quick View Setup (Installer), 8) WD Online Learning Center (HTML Link).

I know it sounds stupid to ask for these files which are basically handy only for first time user, but I’d like to have them anyways.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hi PuDLeZ… I’ve read in this topic (“Cloud” or “passport wireless”. Which one is better?) that you have backed up the pre-loaded files of your MPW.

Please help me and share them if in case you still have them safe on your computer :smiley:

Any help from others who have these pre-loaded data files is also highly appreciated.

Most of the folders/files mentioned you can get or access from WD Support. Some you don’t need, and I have eliminated them from my MPW. One handy folder that you can’t get from WD is the Sample Media folder on MPW. I have saved my folder elsewhere on my network and renamed it Sample Media_MPW so I know where it came from. I have zipped it into a file and you can download it from my personal cloud here: http://ppl.ug/9m_Io8-NsLY/

The Video files are especially useful, because they are high bit rate, so if you can stream them without issues (jitter, etc) you can stream almost any high quality video. I find I have best success with the MPW on my network, and connect my mobile devices to the network to the 5G signal. This speeds up the connection enough that it eliminates jitter, stalling, etc.

Thanks mike27oct :+1:. You have helped me a lot in getting back some part of the pre-loaded data. Appreciate it :blush:.

The video streaming is not an issue since 1080 HD movies stream almost flawlessly (with 1-2 stutters occasionally, which are negligible) to my Samsung Smart TV over my home wi-fi network. I’m quite satisfied with my MPW (If I ignore a few drawbacks like SD Card cannot be read like a card reader when MPW is connected in USB mode, or both wi-fi and USB connections are not simultaneously available)