WD 2TB Gold - HGST Ultrastar - in RAID-1 And excellent heat dissipation

I am located in central Greece.
I go my pair of WD 2TB Gold at winter time (six months ago).
At my large workstation PC case, RAID-1 array this is actively cooled, due 120x120 DC fan (600~1500rpm).

January 2024
When ambient was at 18C, RAID-1 array temperature this was at 22C, while two other HDD with passive cooling they were at 33~34C.

July 2024
Ambient this is now 32C, RAID-1 array temperature this is 36C, while two other HDD with passive cooling they are at 42~44C.
(Active cooling DC fan is now at 1380rpm and just audible).

These are excellent statistics, and I am surprised of how well WD Gold ( HGST Ultrastar) HDD design behaves, speaking of power efficiency, heat dissipation along operating temperature.
My other two HDD with passive cooling, these are production of 2005 and they stay idle most of the time.

All HDD they have identical exterior design ( no one has a better aerodynamic shape), and therefore, the better HDD is the one which it electrical motor this generates less heat.

There is no magical electric motors, and all they do generate amount of heat according to power consumption.
And therefore any performance benefits they are generated exclusively due newer motor control circuit.

End of this mini review. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Kiriakos-GR ,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

Does this mean they fly better when you throw them?

It depends according its planet gravity field. At the moon the throwing force matters the most.

Just wonder if there is known any Free utility other than Western Digital Dashboard, which this does HDD temperature logging alone ?

I am now using HWiNFO64, but I need something with smaller footprint.
My OS Win 7 Pro Retail.

Some drives have an internal temperature history. Tools such as smartctl/GSmartControl will report these temperature data.


I have some fresh stats about my HDD temperatures, Idle vs Normal activity.

My pair of WD 2TB Gold (RAID-1) ( when is a properly cooled hardware), by running Norton Ghost backup, an 20 minutes process so to complete, my RAID-1 array it just elevated internal HDD temperature by a single Celsius.
Idle OS HDD : 35C
Normal activity backup : 36C
(Tested at 32C Ambient)

I have to admit that OS HDD it can not be equally abused as they do Data Center HDD, when large files transfers happening all the time.
I did wrote that and before, a poorly ventilated NAS box, it is a HDD Killer.

At well ventilated Workstation PC, WD Gold this is an item which it cannot be stressed enough. :slightly_smiling_face: