WD 2go remote acces issue

I’m trying to connect WD 2go app by creating a remote acces code in the remote acces menu in the My Book LIve dashboard. The following error occurs:

31652 - Failed to generate code for your mobile device. Please make sure you do not have any network connectivity issues.

My Book LIve is working perfect. What can I do?

Did you make sure the MBL has internet access?

Hi iexip, I’ve had this a few times when my MBL has been busy doing other things. You can tell because the web UI is very slow and sluggish. If you’re lucky it is just working hard sifting through files you’ve recently uploaded to the MBL. Wait until the green light stops flashing and try again. If you’re unlucky and the green light keeps flashing then you’re MBL is knackered and will need to be factory reset. Apparently, according to WD support,  there are “many reasons” why this happens. Confidence inspiring isn’t it?

Tried again after firmare update. Doesn’t work. Web access gives the same error code. Worthless piece of **bleep**.

Depending on what version of our firmware your unit had when you got it, you may be experiencing an issue we resolved in later versions of the firmware. It only affected the original firmware when it was updated to a newer firmware (any version), however, so please let me know which version you had originally.

If you aren’t sure what version you had, please send me a private message with your Serial Number so we can look up its production date.

Private message sent.

I have exactly the same issue. 31652 - Failed to generate code for your mobile device.

Everything else is fine. Updating to latest firmware did not solve any issues.

One of the main selling points and it iis not working!

Shall I send you my serial number Laura?