WD 2GO is nothing but a blank grey screen

Hey folks…

I have a WD Live Hub and a WD My Book Live on my network and I want to access the content on them via my Asus Infinity Tablet… WD 2GO was recommended to me, but twice I have installed it, and when I launch it all it gives me is a blank grey screen…

Any help? Thanks in advance

Hi ClintonHammond

what’s the OS that your table has? and what version is?

Ummm… ICS I’m pretty sure… not near it right now  

Ok… so here’s what I think is going on… 

I’m using WD 2Go on my tablet… and I get this blank Grey screen if I start it in LANDSCAPE…  Turn it 90 degrees and it seems to start right up.  Something missed in the original coding perhaps?  

Now if only it’d play music, into subfolders, on Random/Play All