WD 20AZEZ proplem

The beginning was when a blue screen like the one I am going to attach to it appeared that there was a problem and the computer restarted
This was repeated 3 times in a row on the same day
I thought that the problem might be in the operating system (Windows) and that I have to setup a new Windows
And I already do.it and make anew setup for the windows
And I notice that the hard drive is GPT and Primary, so I decided to convert it to MBR and Logic because I thought that may help me to solve the problem because the hard driver is causing a lag while using the windows explorer and make.

So I do it and convert the HDD as I mentioned and nothing changed so.I decided to make a bad sectors scan with EaseUs partition master and it take 7 hours ro make 70% of the scan progress and then I asked a friend about his advice he told me that this kind of scan will not be effective so I have to use the Hiren’s bootcd to make this scan so I aboarted the recent scan with EaseUs and start the scan with the Hiren’s using USB flash

And since then the HDD is not working
When I connect this hdd the computer hang on the starting screen and when I disconnect it the computer work normally.

I hope that anyone can help me Broken heart :broken_heart:Pleading face :pleading_face:

This folder contains all the screenshots I have about this problem.