WD 2 go web access - sub par

so for the IOS app has been consistant and I am able to stream music. The web app is another story.

From work…i can stream or view files from the IOS app no problem but when I try to use a desktop to access this information its extremly slow. It won’t even allow me to play a song.

Would a dedicated PC app be a better alternative? I would also like a way to directly map to a folder (like you can with the pogoplug software).

Do i need to tweak my PC somehow to increase performace? The IOS app on the same network peforms fine.

It’s a weird interaction with Microsoft.

The Mobile device apps and the “desktop” are using the exact same protocol.   So if your iOS device is working OK, that shows that the network and the WD are working OK.  

Microsoft PCs have all sorts of issues with WebDAV connections (which is what WD 2go uses.)

maybe thats the issue how web “WD 2 go” connects. Like i said, I’m using a pogoplug device and their software works fine on the same PC.

I suspect everything would work better if the Live Book could be accessed directly via WebDAV, rather than through Western Digital’s apps / web page. 

Unfortunately, I have yet to find a method of enabling this which doesn’t involve tinkering with the config files through SSH.