WD 2 Go Pro App Update

I feel that ideally the most advanced version of the WD2Go app for our mobile devices should have two main functions: 1) It should allow functionability and access to everything on our WD Network Drives as if they were the HD for our devices themselves, i.e. we could do anything with the media and files on the drive that we could do with the media and files that are on our device’s hard drives. We should be able to access, view, play, edit, etc. any file on our WD drive that we could with our device per the apps we have on our devices. (including saving pictures to camera roll for iOS devices). A video player that allows normally incompatible video types to play on our device like some third party apps that are already available should be incorporated into the WD2Go app as well IMO. 2) Transfer of media and files from our devices to our WD Network Drives in app. The same way we can transfer photos and video to our drive from our camera roll (on an iPad) with the WD Photos app we should be able to transfer any media and files on our device or “sync” any such thing to our WD drive wirelessly from anywhere we have an Internet connection. Perhaps with iOS devices a wireless iTunes syncing capability should be made available for our WD network drives, perhaps requiring both an app and firmware update. These two features should be implemented in a single app as an update to the current Wd2Go Pro application.


Can we get a response from WD as to whether these features especially saving from an IOS device to My Book Live is in their development pipeline?

Please implement these updates… pretty please!

OK…my first post.  I believe I agree with this.  I can view my movies on my TV…at least the *.VOB that I have copied from my movie collection that I can’t get VUDU disk-to-digital done.  It would be nice to a have search.  I have recently added files A,B,C etc and are moving movies in Alphabetical order to make it easier to find.  I have some videos that I made with my android phone that I am unable to access.  But, I am trying to find a way to watch my movies on my phone and it says I cannot play video.  I thought it would be nice to be able to watch movies on-the-go.  I also noticed in my search for an app that the SeaGate (that I don’t like) that they work with a POGOplug program that allows the user to automatically upload (I guess backup) the picture you take to your Seagate.  Sync…I guess.  I have to do it manually at this time.  Please advise if these will be options that will be incorporated in a future update.

Thank you