WD 2 Go Access Rights and Drive Inaccessibility

Hello there!

First post… MBL all set up and working well, nearly!

2 issues:

Issue : I have set access rights for different users. Currently 2 users, both have access to a public share and both have access to their own private share (where neith can see the others private share). The 3rd share is also a private share but where one user has full access and the other has read only. The user with read only access is only accessing via mobile using the new wd2go (version 2.0), but although they cannot delete or move files in the 3rd share where they have only read access they can paste new files to it and rename files in the share via WD2go? Surely they shouldn’t be able to do anything other than read the files?

Issue 2: The second issue I have found is that sometimes when using WD2go (V 2.0) to move files between shares, copying/cutting or deleting, sometimes with multiple files (but no more than 3), the app doesn’t complete the operation.and then comes up with the message “Drive Inaccessible, only local files available”. You then can’t access anything via WD2go… access via the PC is fine, but the Dashboard loads up very slowly. The only solution is to pull the plug out of the wall and let the MBL reboot. What am I doing wrong?

Also is there a “safe” way to reboot, other than pulling the plug out of the wall?

Thanks in advance for your help…!

Anyone got any ideas PLEASE…???

Many thanks… :smiley:

For the #1 issue, if the user with read-only rights try to access the share locally, from another computer and not with WD2Go, can he/she paste files and also rename them?

For issue #2 I have not idea, have not tried myself.  You can try uninstalling/reinstalling WD2Go.