WD 1TB Velociraptor reporting slower speeds than expected?


After my SSD crashed after a year of use, I decided to compromise between speed/cost/performance and invest in a Western Digital WD1000DHTZ after reading of read/write speeds of over 200 mb/sfrom various benchmark software and reviews.  Well having tested this drive on ATTO and Crystalmark  I am getting less than that.  My maximum recorded sequential read/write is 173mb/s (with native Microsoft drivers, Intel RST was slower) when reviews are showing over 200.  I am using an ASUS Sabertooth X79 motherboard (latest BIOS), an OC’d i7 3820 and the Intel Sata 3 ports and this is the only drive plugged in.  I wondered if there was a new firmware out there or something, I don’t understand why this drive is slower than reviewed and reported.  The native Microsoft drivers seem to give me the best performance, Intel RST is providing slower results but I am still not near the 200 mb/s as reported.  Any thoughts?

Normally those reviews are generated from ideal enviroment.

Try updating the windows drivers to see if it makes any difference

Firstly its “MB/s” not “mb/s” and that claimed 200MB/s is the “Buffer to disk” not real life speeds from the platter sustained, the speed of 173MB/s is your real speed and can be seen in many reviews and in fact that speed is slightly higher as most reviews claim 167MB/s (what I get on 500GB model).

The best App to use for Mech HDD’s for real speeds is still HD-Tach.

All the following HD Tune benchmark graphs show maximum transfer rates of 200MB/s:


The following document also specifies a “host to/from drive (sustained)” maximum data transfer rate of 200 MB/s.

WD VelociRaptor Datasheet:

Assuming your benchmark graph does not have a plateau at the outermost zones, then your maximum transfer rate would be consistent with a drive that has 4 platters rather than 3 (as in the techarp.com review).

sqrt(3 / 4) x 200 = 173


Western Digital VelociRaptor (WD1000DHTZ) 1TB Hard Disk Drive:

Correct, HD Tune will read what WD quote same as ATTO will read what SSD’s manu’s quote but thats is not everyday real speed.

Do not use ATTO for a Mech HDD, use HD-Tach if you want real use speed or use HD Tune, either way your HDD is 100% fine.