WD 1Tb MyBook Essential External Harddrive

I have a WD 1Tb MyBook Essential External Harddrive, recently I mistakenly swapped my laptop charger for the WD power jack but only for a few seconds before swapping them back, now whenever I plug up the harddrive and click the power button it will simply flash and go off, if I hold it it will keep flashing until I let it go and then it will flash VERY dimly constantly, I tried plugging it into my computer in this state but nothing happens, Help?

you might have fried the drive or the motherboard of the drive.

here are things that you can try;

try plugging into another power outlet

make sure you dont use a power cable- use wall outlet

i suggest using another power adapter

if none of these steps work then you just confirmed that you fried the drive or the board. if you have files in the drive and very very important then have it recovered from a geek store or companies that handle file recovery… the price tag aint gonna be so funny. then have the drive replaced by RMA if you are still in warranty.