WD 1TB Hard disk not detected with seagate 500 GB in BIOS


System info:

Intel DG35EC mobo

Intel Q6600

2 x 2GB Kingston 800 mhz RAM

400 W Cooler Master PSU

I have just installed WD 1 TB HDD (WD10EARS) in my system and installed Windows XP on it. When I installed my old 500 GB Seagate HDD with this one, BIOS is not recognizing WD 1 TB HDD. It’s recognizing only 500 GB Seagate HDD.

Please help how to get both the HDDs work on my system.

HI there, are you sure the ports are not disabled on the MoBo or that the primary drive is set to the WD on the BIOS? Also check if the SG is connected to a port with a lower number on the MoBo than the WD, if it is then connect it to a port with a higher number since the lowest one will be the primaty one on SATA boards.