WD 1TB Copy/Paste Issues

First off let me apologise, I’m not good with computers but I am very good at taking direction and any help is appreciated.

I have a WD My Book 1TB 1110. I’m using Win7 on my Dell XPS15 Laptop.

I have updated the drivers in Device Manager, there is no problem with seeing the information stored on the drive. I can copy/paste movies onto the drive, I can watch them from the drive, but I can’t cut/paste them to my laptop. I’ve tried swapping the cables from my second drive (exactly the same) but I have the same problem. I have tried on three different computers, one a Toshiba, one Acer and the other an HP - same problem, files won’t copy across.

When I open Windows Explorer to see the files the directory/address bar slowly fills up with green saying it’s “Discovering” very slowly - it may or may not complete the “discovering”. When I try to copy or cut any type of file from the drive, a window pops up saying it’s moving the file across but then it flashes red and shuts. When I try to move that failed file to my Recycle Bin my laptop freezes and Task Manager has issues shutting the program down.

Basically, I need the files from the drive and every time I try to move them everything freezes and fails.

Edit:  Tried using TeraCopy, files stop moving/copying at 4.0% and won’t complete.

Your drive may be failing.  Try running an Extended Test with DLG.  If you need to recover the data from the drive try using a data recovery software.

wel at least the files are visible.

you can use recuva to try to retrieve the files…

the partition might be too heavily fragmented … defrag and chkdsk is a good option

reformatting after you get the data will help as well