WD 1502 faex windows xp

Hello I have this new hard drive and install windows 7 32bit without problems,but when i install Windows XP SP2 32-bit does not work, I get the window in blue, installing  partition tells me that I want to install, i create a new partitionNTFS, i select it and system makes copies a series of files, sends me to restart"appears a red bar" does and when to load the installation gets me
error reading disk
press ctrl + alt + delete to restart.
my computer is a amd athlon 64
msi motherboard KN8 Neo4 Platinum has only SATA II.
In the bios I have the disc in “ide third master”, I have nothing to raid, and sataports I have them enabled.
If anyone can help me I appreciate it.
a greeting

Try downloading the hard drive controller drivers from the motherboard web page and load them from the Windows XP installation window, or try using a service pack 3 version of Windows XP.