WD 1130 "device not configured correctly"

Hello guys,

Let me start by saying Ive tried everything under the sun to resolve this…googled my butt off and read every single forum with this issue…My Mybook worked fine for months then one day it just went away…when I plug it in it makes the connect sound and tries to install drivers with no avail they all fail. Ive tried to hook up to different PC tried different cord tried to install SES drivers. this doesnt make sense to me…I did nothing different than any other day. Now I have a worthless drive with all my Music, HD movies and pictures that I cannot get back. I am beyond upset with this issue and hopefully it can be resolved I dont know what else to do…PLEASE HELP ME!! If this is the wrong place to post this issue im sorry I just need help…:mansad:

Did you try a firmware update? If the drivers are trying to install then the drive is most likely good and is just a logical problem.