WD 10t hc330 's magnetic head had noise and its broken! and no one can solve it

i just want to recovery my date try the best ,but wd and some engineers told me they cant help me to solve the problem i am custom i buy it but i dont have the right to repair the broken magnetic head why ? i need wd suppot engineers to solve this problem these data is important ,wd you sale the new product 10 t hc 330 but you dont solve the problem why ?i need newly magnetic head to replace the broken one just so so but you even dont help me i fell so said can anyone tell this issue to ceo of wd i paid the money ishould have the rights to repair the broken head then try get my data back

CEO sir here something you need to see to know to solve it plz

is there anyone have the same problem like me … wd don’t allow to change new magnetic head so cant read it

Your request this is totally unreasonable. HDD this is not equal product to a motorcycle so you to repair by hand. Use external data recovery company, or forget about it. And I will not mention that only an ■■■■■ does not take frequent backup of valuable data.

thanks 4 ur reply and ur advice. so if i want to build a offline family NAS for data bakup do you have any good idea or any good prouducts to tell me ?

Free of charge reply, search for ready NAS solution with active cooling.