WD 10EZEX boot/power issue


My name is Florin and i came across an issue yesterday regarding one of my WD10EXEZ hard drives. Maybe someone can help me with it.

The story is like this:

  • came at work at 9 am, started my pc, it freezed right at the moment bios tries to find my disk drive; i cannot open the bios, the screen remains frozen, but the keyboard works;

  • opened pc case, did a jumper clear cmos, started the pc, same thing;

  • the harddisk is powered on, i can hear it powering on and i can feel it spining, no strange noises;

  • i thought the harddisk electronic board may have a problem;

  • i have an identical drive, sealed, on my desk, so i switched the electronic boards; old disk had the same issue, new disk with the old disk board works, so i switched back the boards;

  • i’ve powered my pc back on, with the initial drive in it, and with the screen frozen, i pulled the power connector from the harddisk and put it right back and the screen unfroze, bios recognized the harddisk and windows loaded.

Needles to say i was happy. I downloaded the Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows, SMART is ok, no errors on the drive.

I downloaded Acronis Migrate Easy and installed it. I shut down the computer, put the second harddrive in, did the same power connector trick to start the old drive and load windows. I’ve cloned the first drive on the new drive successfully.

I removed the first harddisk from the system and powered the pc with the second harddisk. Same issue as before, screen froze, bios does not recognize the harddisk.

So what happened? Do you have any ideas? The power source and motherboard are ok, i’ve installed a third harddisk (same type), installed windows and apps, all works fine.

My system is:

  • Intel G3420 3,2GHz

  • Asrock B85 Pro4

  • 4GB RAM DDR3 1600Mhz, Kingston HyperX Blue

  • MSI GT630 2GB/128bit video card

  • 1TB WD 10EZEX

  • 800W power source.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Belive it or not, but after using system restore from windows to restore the system at a checkpoint from two days ago, the harddrive is working excellent and the issue is gone.

If anyone has an idea about what happened, i still have the cloned harddrive for testing…