Wd 1001fals

I have a WD 1001FALS, 1 tb hard drive running my media center computer. It is maybe 12-14 months old. A week ago I had a problem with the file partion and MBR and had to redo that, but it was working fine afterwards. Now, it would not boot into windows, would not give any errors. I plugged it into my main computer and I can view and see and watch all the files, BUT when I try a copy something to my main harddrive, it starts out like it works and copies maybe 5-10% and then just slowly goes down towards 0.00MB/s. I can copy very small files ( < 250mb), but nothing bigger has worked. I had intended to just reformat it and reinstall, hoping to fix the problem, but it seems it might be worse then I thought?

ok, after a bit of work… the drive is actually able to copy, but very very slooow… like 3-4 MB/s after the first 250mb or so.

I just had a Black WD 640GB doing the same thing. I even did a long format to try to correct sectors to no avail.

I wouldn’t waste any time before running a short SMART test on it with SpeedFan or WD lifeguard tools (both free).

It will likely tell you it fails the read test.

The sooner it’s RMAd the better as their “5 year warranty” (for a refurbished replacement) is the time remaining from your original purchase date if you kept the receipt (manufacture date if you can’t prove your buy date).

did you try replacing the data cable, just to make sure you don’t have a bad sata cable?