WD 1 Terrabyte reporting only 33 MB

Been thru the formatting process several times using Acronis True Image thinking I did something wrong.

The serial number of the drive is 10002FAEX.

its been sitting in the box for a while, an emergency spare.  Decided to clone my primay drive this weekend and was quite surprised.

I did try to run the WD data life “quick test” and get an error: Smart enable operation error:  test failed

all other tests failed also.

I bought it at Best buy last year and don’t have the Receipt.

Do I have any recourse?

Thanks, Mike

Hi do you have a Gigabyte motherboard if so it may be the bios that is the problem. Have a look at this page and see if it will solve your issue.  http://www.users.on.net/~fzabkar/HDD/HDD_Capacity_FAQ.html 

hammey…that **bleep**, heah I do have a gigabyt MB.

waded thru the info you posted, seems a little over the top.  Hopefully someone else will chime in with an easier solution. Kinda curious, about a year ago I cloned the drive with a similar WD drive with no problems(1 TB WD sata Black, a different serial number but the same specs)

Thanks for taking the time. I printed out pages 4-23 & will boot from the CD, wish me luck.


Hi yes the HDAT2 program should do it. Good luck I hope it all works out.