WD 1 TB Portable HDD not initiated, write protected, no volume

I was transferring some video files from my 1 TB WD Element Portable HDD to another hard drive, then the connection cuts out then reconnects, I then was checking the USB connects when the WD fell off the tower onto the desk and disconnected.

I tried to reconnect the WD, it makes the sound that recognizes the hard drive have been plugged in, but it does not show on my computer. I looked it up on Drive Management and it’s there, but not initialised. I tried initialising it but it says is write protected. I tried to clear the write protection via CMD prompt but it tells me there’s no volume. I have tried to fix the mbr but to no avail.

Why can I do? I had almost a full drive of stuff in there that I would really want back, is this a dead case or can I still do something?

A dropped drive is frequently physically damaged and beyond do it yourself fixes. If you are contemplating professional recovery don’t try anything.