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I’ve been having an issue with my WD400.  It seems that after being on the network for several hours it begins to send out traffic through the network causing congestion and all other traffic from my other computers and devices is affected.  I used Wireshark to capture the packets on my netowrok while experiencing the issue and behold the only packets it picks up are coming from the WD Sentinel server.  Does anyone have any idea what may cause this?  I’ve pasted a snippet from the packet capture below.  My best guess is that its from the service that allows client computers to backup to the server but I cannot figure out why it’s congesting the network with hundreds of these packets preventing all other traffic.  If I disconnect the server from the network for a few minutes and plug it back in it will work fine.  I’ll see the occassional packets from the WCBACKUP but it will not congest the network until a few hours later.  I tried to explain this as best I could, hopefully someone has some idea.  Thanks.

160 6.442314000 192.xxx.xx.x UDP 60 Source port: wcbackup  Destination port: 51960  

(there are thousands of these packets, aside from the time stamp and port number all info is the same all come from the server)

Have you looked at the dashboard?  As in is a computer backing up?

I recently had to recover the server so no computers are backing up right now.  There are a few clients with the backup connector still on them but obviously the connection is “broken” since the recovery.  I do see packets from those computers when the network is running smoothly(meaning the packets from the server are not congesting it), but nothing that causes the same issue as the packets from the server itself.  Not sure if that makes a difference.  Thanks.

I would uninstall the connectors on the machines that have it.  Just cause I don’t know, but that needs to be done anyway.

Not doing very well with google.  You don’t have a wireless adapter on the DX do you?


No wireless adapter.  I’ll uninstall the clients (as you say, “it has to be done anyway”) I’m not hopeful that it will be the fix for the issue though.  Google turned up absolutely nothing for me also so I turned to these forums.  I also have a call back pending from WD Tech Support.  If I get anything out of them I’ll post it back here.  Weird that this has not happened to anyone else though(at least seems unreported).  Thanks Gramps.

I agree, if it was an issue Google would Bing it.  Did I say that right? Or is it Bing would Google it?  Yea, I think thats it.

If it does not get better I think it is something like nbtstat -ano 51960 and lookup that pid in task manager

And or go ahead and reinstal the connector on one box and let it backup over night.  Then maybe the DX will have something to do instead of looking for something to do :slight_smile:

Luck, and do  keep us posted

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Did you ever happen to figure out the cause of this and how to stop it? We don’t use the backup connectors, or need them, but the same thing that you describe is happening on our network as well, and it takes down our VOIP system and most our Production printers. I have a ticket open with WD, but haven’t heard anything back yet.

If you are not using client backup try stopping (set to manual or disable) the two windows server client backup services on the server

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Thanks Gramps! I missed those two services. I will try it and let you know.

We had disabled the WD Backup Monitor thinking it was related to that, but perhaps not.