WB Mini TV - Component and Composite on TV already used


I have my component and composite points used by by DVD player and my Wii already. I disconnected my Wii to use the WB mini, but this is annoying. What can I do about this? Is there such thing as a switch which would easily allow me to move my composite from Wii to the WB Mini TV easily without pulling the TV from the wall & connecting, disconnecting etc?

Thanks in advance. S

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While this is the forum for the WDTV Live (and you should be posting elsewhere) the question is general enough that you can get help here.

There are definitely switches that can do what you want, but my own advice would be to just buy a cheap AV receiver (Yamaha in particular makes some nice ones for less than $200) so that you can have superior sound as well as easy switching you can control with a remote (other manual switches, while far cheaper, are going to require you physically switch something each time).  But that’s just me – sound is at least half the experience of a movie, and getting quality sound is at least as important as what you display it on (and no television has anything even slightly approaching quality sound).

Otherwise just google “AV switches” and you’ll find a ton of stuff.

There are switch boxes which would allow you to switch between Wii and mini. You basically plug the leads from the Wii and Mini into the switch box and another lead goes to the TV. I have a small box which can switch between 3 inputs.

I purchased this at a local electronics store in the UK some time ago.

This is not the one I have but it shows the type of thing that is available. (and this one is very cheap!)