Way to "get info" and have it bring in jpg's instead of metathumbs?

Hi, so I found that a bunch of my folders didn’t have the pics I chose for them because (so another poster told me), I had to change all the metathumb files to jpgs.

So, two questions:

  1. Why THE HECK would a design be built in to make “get info” bring in files in a format that automatically disrupt the folder pics that a user chooses???

  2. Is there any way either change it so “get info” brings in jpg’s instead of metathumbs, or to change metathumbs to jpgs en masse?

In case anyone can’t tell I’m starting to get royally ticked off with the seemingly infinite maze of completely irrational quirks this machine has. How about focusing on making the machine actually do what it’s supposed to properly before adding anything else to it WD?! I feel like a training course is required just to make the d*** thing function the way it’s friggin supposed to!

You have a couple choices one I know works if you already have jpgs for movies then just delete the metathumbs and unplug your unit and let it compile and all should be good. Number 2 I have heard of changing the metathumb extension to jpg but I cannot confirm this works as I do the latter. If renaming the metathumb works then there is a program out there called bulk renaming utility that I have used several times work great.