Was PiDrive supposed to come with the cable?

I just got my 314 and am wondering if it was supposed to have come with a cable do I need to purchase that separately? I’m a little bummed that I can’t use my drive.

For use with a Pi (with usb2 ports) you can use a normal micro USB 2 cable (the kind you use for connecting and charging phones and tablets) and it will work fine. You can do the same with devices with USB 3 ports, is just a little slower than a true USB 3 cable.

If you look closely at the connector on the drive it has two sections to it, one side larger than the other. Plug the micro USB cable into the larger side and the other end into your Pi as normal.

Darren’s correct, here’s a photo (to illustrate) a normal micro USB 2 cable plugged in

Also note: Black Insulating tape covering the Super Bright LED (it was so distracting, i had to do something about it) :wink: