Warranty Replacement

Is this serious???

$43.46 ( $43.46 + $0.00 Tax) to replace a drive under warranty???

Over 1/3 the price of a drive to have a warranty replacement? I can’/t believe that WD is doing that.
Anyone know if other drive manufactures charge something that crazy too??

Hi username123,

Please contact WD Support because WD never charges for the replacement. However, if you book advance RMA then they put some amount of money on hold from your credit card and releases it when you return the defected drive. Please contact them and make this thing clear.

WD is a joke - not only do they charge (not an advanced replacement security hold, which I am familiar with) but they also ship refurbished hard drives which I found out.

I certainly did not buy a refurbished drive and certainly expect not to receive one as such.

Time too move to a different manufacturer if WD is going to treat their customers in this way.