Warranty Replacement Not Shipped

Sent Easystore 12TB drive back to WD for warranty replacement. Bought UPS shipping label from WD. After delivery was overdue several days UPS could not locate the shipment but nevertheless kept promising that it would be delivered “tomorrow.” After a week they finally admitted that the shipment had been lost. After several chats with WD support Level 2 WD was willing to accept that UPS had lost the shipment and they would send me a replacement drive. After several days I inquired at Level 2 again and was told that my replacement had not been shipped because no easystore 12T drives were available. I was then offered a 12T My Book drive and was told that would be shipped out immediately. Several days later I was given a UPS tracking number but after several more days UPS only shows that a label has been created with no record of receiving a shipment from WD. Have been told for a week that despite nothing showing on the WD or UPS web sites that a shipment was already sent but, I shouldn’t expect delivery for at least another 6 days. So, should I wait 6 days for nothing to happen and when nothing shows up what would I do? How can I get WD to actually send me a replacement and not ship it by the cheapest slowest means they can find?
RMA #0065247769
Incident: 221108-000175

Hi @RayGr,

Please contact the WD Support team for the best assistance:

How do you think I got an RMA number and a Incident number? I’ve been dealing with WD support all along.
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