Warranty if purchasing from NewEgg and TechInn

I’m in Australia and looking to buy some WD Gold drives for my NAS. I obviously want the 5 year manufacturer warranty.

I’ve been looking around and TechInn and NewEgg both have good prices, even including international shipping to my location. NewEgg seems to be an authorised retailer, albeit in a different region to mine.

Does anyone know, if I purchase through either of those sites, whether I can register through the WD website for the usual 5 year manufacturer warranty?

I tried contacting WD and their answer was that they recommend purchasing from a local authorised retailer…but didn’t actually answer the question. Hoping someone here may know.

Thanks in advance.

Couple of points about purchasing from outside of Australia (which i live also)

Warranty is only covered in the region it was purchased … so, if you buy it from USA, and you have to make a warranty claim, and RMA it … then you’ll have to ship it back to USA . $$$$ (The Warranty is not covered by WD Australia)

Be careful purchasing products online … the drives could be OEM Drives, which are not covered by WD Warranty and don’t have the same Warranty Period. (that’s up to the re-sellers)

That’s very good advice … i would listen to them, because its not worth the risk.

Spend the extra $ and buy it from a local retailer if you don’t want any potential major headaches that will end costing you more money.

Thank you so much! That’s exactly what I need to know.

I’ve had to do multiple RMAs for my existing WD Red drives so I don’t want it to be any harder than it has to be.

I’ll stick local :slight_smile: Really appreciate the advice