Warranty fro Hard Drive from Ebay

Does  drives (new condition) are covered by warranty?

Hi JCF2009,

If the drive was officially sold by WD then it should have full warranty. However, most drives that are sold on Ebay can be refurbished units, out of region, OEM drives, etc and their warranties will be less than the standard warranty and some can have no warranty at all.

You can always verify the warranty of a drive using our online warranty check, you only need the drives serial number:


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Hello, thanks for the reply. I checked with the serial number it it shows is on warranty foe 4 years.  The description in Ebay says the item is new, but not in original packing.

If our says a 4 year warranty then it should be under warranty for that period, no problem. As for telling if the drive is new or not, I don’t have a way to verify. If the drive is in a sealed anti-static bag with the dessicant, then it should be new. And as long as the drive label doesn’t say ‘recertified’.

Thanks, this was helpful info.