Warning loop after upgrade


I have bricked my WD TV live streaming box.  It was running 1.04.12 official firmware but I needed to test IGMP and thus, after a discussion with someone from WD, I gave a try to the 1.04.12 GPL firmware. 

I was able to recompile the GPL firmware and used the documented upgrade process. 

Now, the box is looping a “Warning! This media player was modified aftermarket and is running unofficial firmware that is not supported by western digital”.

OK, that is not supported by WD but I strictly have followed the upgrade procedure. 

What should I do?


Interesting.   Someone from WD told you to install the GPL firmware?

Did they not then tell you that you have to write your own code?   Because the GPL firmware does not include *any* of the proprietary code.  

It only has enough code in there to boot it up and display that warning.

If you note, the firmware binaries included in that package are SUBSTANTIALLY smaller than the actual firmware.

You could try to re-install the production firmware, but if that doesn’t work, then, in short, your box is toast, unless WD is feeling generous and is willing to replace it…