Want to use my WD Live SMP with the HDHomeRun Prime to watch live TV - please tell me this works

I cant stand paying such high FIOS bills on set top boxes ($10 a month per box).  I already own a Live Hub and a SMP.  Please, please, please tell me I can get a HDHomeRun Prime + cable card and stream live TV to these two boxes.

I’m reading there are a bunch of issues currently going on.  I dont need a TV guide and will use WMC to record my shows and watch them via my NAS, but the wife needs to be able to watch trash TV live while cooking etc.

Is this possible with the current hardware/firmware.  If not, is there firmware coming that will make this work and how far out is this?  If it is currently possible, what are some of the major issues (DTCP-IP etc)?  If WDTV doesnt work with HDHomeRun Prime, are there other alternatives?


Wow bump…  Bueller?