Want smartware ALL Traces destroyed

lets politly say why I HATE smartware and now am returning my first WD product. disableing it is not enugh I want it GONE replaced with all 0s and partiond to one whole. first I can’t format it with any professinal formater as I get an error saying it is denied accecess. seconed I use USBs/external hdds for menny purposes. I have not one but 4 computers in the house. I transport files from one to another. one of tmy computers in linux another is windows. third if I bring it to school it will be useless as the school computers won’t allow the virtual CD. fourth I want to use it with my wii formated to WBFS and can’t becuase of the VCD screws around with the wii. 5th I hered the software will whipe the hardrive if moved to another PC. 6th I hered if the VCD (smartware) is tampered with it will whipe the harddrive JUST to restore the sector, now how secure it that?, now if a sector gets courrupt thats part the VCD it may glitch and destroy my data for its crappy stuff. I WAS going to use my drive as a backup system, travel systen, transfer system AND WBFS system. now it is useless to me. I formated it littery 30 times over and over with diffent milletery standart programs and can’t kill that VCD. Also peaple with half a brain (like me) manage there files manualy witch is the most secure way to do so for me. now I am going to buy an older model if I can find one but it looks like I may be going to seagate witch also works in USBloader GX and it’s partners. lets say I never buy an ipod becuase of itunes. now it is fine if you bundled the software on a CD or even on the harddrive that can be whiped comepletly.