Want Hulu Support for WD TV?

I’m hoping that if Hulu Support gets enough response from us WD TV users they might consider supporting WD TV for Hulu Plus. To help out in contacting Hulu go to:  http://www.hulu.com/support/contact 

Thanks for helping!

I’m looking forward to this as well. Plz add to WD TV Live Plus unit.

Ditto…let’s get this done!!!  Why should I have to depend on PlayOn to play Hulu on my WD TV HD Live Plus?  Popbox just announed a July 23rd release date without Netflix on-board!  Clearly I made the right decision by not waiting and going with the WD product.

It would be nice to have Hulu, Just sent them some feedback here.

Have any of you posted this as an idea in the Ideas Lab?  If it’s already there, you can also vote on it.

Will do so now, thanks!