Wake on Lan

After some poor results trying to stream large MKV files from a 1TB WD essentials connected through a USB to Ethernet NAS adapter I have decided to use the WDTV live as a NAS device, I have trialed this and seems OK however the hard drive is not visible on the network when WDTV is on standby, my question is "does the WDTV live support Wake on Lan so I can transfer files while sitting at the PC without leaving the room 

The WDTV Live unit does not have wake on LAN support.  You should be able to go to Settings>system setting> and adjust the screen saver to never.  See if this corrects the issue, you are experiencing with the unit not displaying or not being able to see the mapped drive that is attach to your WDTV Live unit

Hi James

Thanks for the reply however there is a review on the web which states that the WD TV Live supports WOL, it is possible that this may be with regards to a function of the chipset used but not implemented in WD firmware.

I doubt that adjusting the screensaver will have any effect as the WDTV disappears from my network as soon as it is placed on standby,at the moment my network does not extend to the lounge where the main TV is and as I have now installed the WDTV live there I cannot try anything else until I have extended the network next week

Yes, this problem is related to placing the unit in standby using the power button, not the screensaver kicking in after ~5 minutes.

Please add support for Wake on LAN if the chipset supports it.  Its nice to use the DLNA “Play To” function of WMP to send music to the WDTV which is in a main equipment closet and connected to a whole house audio system.  Not as nice when you have to either leave it on always or go somewhere with an IR remote to turn it on.

WOL for the WDTV Live seems pointless to me… unless my unit is broken. I mean, I have put a power-meter on it and when on and showing 1080p content over HDMI it consumes 7 Watt. When simply navigating through the menus or during screen saver it consumes 6 Watt. Then you hit the power button on the remote, switching it off… then it takes 5 Watt… 5 Watt is really a lot for being powered off… So, if this is “normal” then there is no point in putting effort in WOL. They then should first spend time on reducing the power on standby. Meanwhile you just leave the unit on. If someone else can tell me that his unit takes way less power in standby (powered down by remote) then I should return mine.