Wake on LAN a computer on the network via SSH / Telnet through MBLD... is it possible?


I recently found out about enabling SSH on the MBLD and before starting to mess with it I wanted to ask you guys if it would be possible to send a Wake on LAN packet to any of the computers on the network via this interface, by some Linux command or running a program.

I ask this because I’d like to access it from outside my LAN (Wake on WAN really) and send these packages from there too. I can’t do it directly through my router, since Cisco doesn’t enable the routers to send broadcasted packets, neither via IP since it drops the ARP when the target computer is offline!

Now, MBLD would be my only hope for this. I’ve been looking for a way for a long time to do these and hopefully I could achieve it via this device.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Not sure on that mate,

lets hope someone have tried this.