Waiting too long for wdlive to connect to the external hdd?

this problem was verified when hardwired to network using windrow’s samba. In other words:

  1. First time i connect hdd usb device and plug in the network cable. power on wd live,
    the hdd is “seen” almost right away(passport essential)

  2. then i power on my pc running windows 7 (all settings for network share done as told in the forum: network discovery-on, file

and printer-on,public share-off,media stream-off,password-off)
then  successfully set-up the connection in automatic mode from wd tv live. At this point under windows we have 2 computers (pc and

wd live) and 1 media device (wd live)

  1. all done, if I power-off wd live then power-on, the hdd is still seen fast.

  2. the last test, power- off the 2 devices (pc and wd live) then power on firstly the wdlive and then the pc.
    this is the case when the connection with hdd takes about 2/3 minutes

in conclusion: if there is now network share set-up, no problem. If you manage to setup the network for wdlive you have to power on first the pc then the wdlive, otherwise your usb-connected hdd will take 3 minutes or mooooore to connect. (happens also when the computer is off)

the question is… why ??

interesting. i have not setup my wdtvl on my network yet so have not encountered this problem.

i suppose once you setup wdtvl on a network, every time it starts it first checks to see if the network shares are available or until it times out when unavailable. only then does it start to check the usb connected hdds…hence the “lag”?

You got it ! but I hope we are not the only ones understanding this problems, but the technicians too. Also I would like to hear the opinion of one of them. Did you noticed that we (users/clients) are quite alone in this forum ?

I guess the devs are waaay too busy trying to get updates to work without bricking half their user base this time. Seriously I fear that the 1.01.12 firmware saga will mean much less activity in the updates department.

With external HD, USB takes 2 to 4 minutes and then most of the time reports ‘cannot create library’, a few minutes later the files may become available.

USB flash drive is even more unpredictable.

Wish I’d experimented more before connecting to the network, as the WD immediately reported new firmware available and I updated to .12, would have liked to compare with .11

Luckily I did not end up with a brick after updating.

I’m having the same issues, my setup:

  • WD TV Live is shared on the network
  • An external 1.5 TB MyBook connected to the WD TV Live (port USB2)
  • Windows XP SP3 with a few folders shared that are perfectly accesible on the WD TV Live

If my PC is already on and I switch on the WD TV Live the external drive is available a few seconds later.

If my PC is turned off and i switch on the WD TV Live it can take a while (a minute or so) before the external harddrive is available.

To me it looks like the WD TV Live is trying to connect to the network share and after it times out because of unavailability the harddrive is made available. Can someone from WD confirm if this is a bug?