W7 Play to. How do you guys do this!?!

I updated my wd tv live yesterday to 1.02.21 firmware. Everything works fine (so far). What I was not able to do is to play files (play to in windows media player) to my device. I get a window that tries to connect but nothing happens. I get the following message: Contacting media server… Thks in advance!

Would really like to see a response to this querie. All over the forum people state that they are using this feature but there are no detailed instructions on how to set it up.

Where on the WDTV Li ve menu do you need to be for video to show? Windows 7 "paly to’ dialog box states ‘Contacting media Server …’ and just hangs at this state. Have the latest official firmware installed.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Mine worked automatically. 

If I remember, there are some Media Streaming settings on your Windows 7 box.

Once I plugged my WDTV Box into my home network, my Windows 7 system(s) recognized it within Windows Media Player and allows me to select a playlist and right mouse button to ‘Play To’ -> ‘WDTVLIVE’

Mine says ‘Contacting network device’  when it first starts up the Play To windows.

Are you using AVG Free as an anti-virus program??

As a matter of fact, I am using AVG free…

Try This:

Open AVG User Interface

Double Click Link Scanner

Disable AVG Active Surf-Shield by clearing the check mark

Try “Play To”

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that worked for me, thanks :slight_smile: