W2go app update messed up my connectivity

After updateing my Ipad wg2 aps to 2.0 cant connect to MBL device.

get this error.

31505  - The device status could not be updated due to an communication or internal software error.

Any help will be apreciated.

Try deleting the account from the dashboard and create a new one.

No luck, Obviusly by the amount to posts since yerterday with regards web access, W2go, etc, the new updte sent to ipads broke someting…  I there anyone working succefully with 2.0 Apps?

I am current but should I restore the firmware from file?

Your help is apreciated


Try going back to WD2GO Pro if you can find in in your app store. 

I was able to access after I removed the WD2GO 2.0 and went back to the original. 

Great update WDC. 

In my case not even the old W2go pro works… Is all is broken. I should have waited on the update… I was reading other posts, looks like the same happened with the new firmware… They may pulls these updates too. Still waiting on a Fix,

I don’t know about the iPad, but my iPhone connects to it just fine.  Anishally when I tried to connect, it said device off line.  So I got a new code, and connected.  Even found the tab with the setting to add my network.  Now the real test will be to see if I can connect away from home.