W10 WD Dashboard don't detect SSD and HDD

Good morning,

I have a HP OMEN 25L - GT12-0032ng with a WD SSD 512 GB and a WD 1 TB HDD.

I installed the WD Dashboard version and after the reboot, the sw don’t detect anymore the SSD and the HDD. I restarted the WD Dashboard, rebooted the pc, unistalled the SW, reinstalled, still can’t detect the SSD and the HDD.

Any help?

Thanks in advance for replies.

Are these internal or external drives. If external exactly what Western Digital Device’s do you own?
What does SW stand for? Was everything working before installing the Dashboard? The more information to work with, the easier to try and help you.

You may want to check this.


hdd and ssd are internal.

Sw means software.

My Cloud? I don’t have my cloud. My issue is with “Western Digital Dashboard”

Have you already looked at what can be found on the Knowledge Base/Community?

Did you try this?

Troubleshooting an SSD that is not detected by the WD SSD Dashboard

The WD SSD Dashboard only supports WD brand SSD products.

Please ensure the WD SSD and cables are connected properly. Click on the Rescan button of the Dashboard to scan the system for connected WD SSDs, or close and restart the WD SSD Dashboard program.

Thanks for the reply.

Seems that if I’m online, WD Dashboard works perfectly.

If I’m offline, the WD Dashboard don’t detect the SSD and the HDD.

Definitely a strange behaviour for a simple software which check the SMART attributes of a couple of hard disks…

Hoping in a comment by WD Support…

I have the Software version. My internal hard drives in my desktop computer are a Samsung SSD, a Seagate and a Hitachi hard drive. I understand that only WD drives are supported, but my Dashboard detects the Hitachi drive with full support. It would be nice if Western Digital would relent and support other drives as well.