Vudu app discussion - No DD+ bitstreaming?

Has anyone sucessfully been able to bitstream DD+ audio to their receiver with the Vudu app? Being that the Netflix app can do it just fine I’m beginning to think:

A. There’s a bug in the app.

B. The app can’t do it at all.

I can get regular DD 5.1 (not “plus”) via HDMI to my Onkyo AVR.

As a general comment about Vudu, the quality seems to be really good especially for streaming but $6 for a rental?  This is a hard sell since I can get a Blu-ray from Redbox with even better quality for $1.50.

They have $.99 movies of the day which are pretty good.

Either way the app should be able to output DD+ so obviously it can’t do it. I suggest everyone contact Vudu directly and try to get them to resolve the problem. It’s not like the WD TV Live can’t do DD+, we know it can, the Netflix app can handle DD+ streaming perfectly.

I’ve opened an ISSUE for this if ya’ll want to go “Vote” for it…

eh well 2 things about redbox

  1. that’s IF it’s there…

  2. you have to drive to one to get it, then drive it back in less than 24hrs.

for me I’d have to drive 3 miles one way.  and go IN the store to return it. 

that’s getting dressed, driving there, finding a parking spot, drive it home, watch, get dressed, drive it back, go in the store, return, drive all the way back home.


and I’ve seen better selections at the gas stations.