Volume Failure after upgrading

I am another one that has suffered with problems since the change to OS5. I have got it back to a useable state (eventually) but I have a drive with a volume failure.

I can see and access the drives through Windows and i can use VLC player to access the files and play movies on my Samsung tablet so i am not sure if it is serious but to be sure how can I repair the volume?

I have tried the 40 second reset but i am not sure if i have done it right as it doesn’t seem to change anything. This is how i have done it

  1. Unplugged the power
  2. Pressed a pin into the reset button and whilst pressed plugged the power back in.
  3. Held the pin in for 50 secs
  4. Took the pin out and waited for it to turn un, it didnt turn on after 10 mins so pressed the on button an the facia panel.

What else can i do to resolve the volume failure?

Any help is appreciated.

Oh and i cant access the drive through my OS5 app or through the dashboard as it says i am not connected to internet (even though i am).