Volume / Directory names have an underscore 2 (_2)

I am new to the community. Searched but did not find similar topics hence posting this new topic. I have an EX2 and have created new directories.
But later found each of the newly created directories has an underscore 2.
Created new directory called New Folder.
Then later WDMyCloud will auto create New Folder_2

What is this auto created folder?



I haven’t seen this case on the community before.

Sounds like a new share was created with the same name. Have you tried performing a system only reset?

Please see attached image. It has Public and Public_2 and etc.
BTW, how do we do a system reset?


Thanks for the information.

You can perform a system reset from the dashboard of the unit.

See page 126 of the user manual for detailed information on how to perform a system restore.
Link to user manual: http://www.wdc.com/wdproducts/library/UM/ENG/4779-705119.pdf

Acknowledged and thanks and will do a reset and advise the results.