Vodafone gigafast router - cannot see mybooklive

We have had a mybooklive drive happily connected to our virgin media router and working fine.
We have now moved to vodafone gigafast broadband and have one of their new routines
I have plugged it in but the network can’t see
Vodafone support say 1) its 3rd party can’t help 2) should work must be a pc setting - but nothing has changed on the pcs and laptops

I was getting a LAN message about it ignoring which was the IP address of the mybooklive on the old virgin box

the new network has a different ip, but I dont know how to divorce the mybooklive from it’s old IP address

Please can you advise


Did you set a static IP address on your MBL? The static IP address has to be on the same IP subnet as used by the router. 192.168.1.n is more common that 192.168.0.n. If your new router uses (or anything except 192,168.0.0) then your NAS with static addr won’t be reachable.

It’s been a long time since I had to deal with this, but there are multiple ways to fix this. I think doing a reset on the MBL removes the static IP address and returns to the default DHCP support. But it also changes the admin password back to its default.

Another way is to issue an IPCONFIG command and note the IP subnet of the interface. Then

  1. Disconnect your router from your PC and directly plug the MBL into your PC’s Ethernet port.
  2. Change your PC’s network adapter to use P addr
  3. Change the subnet mask to (I think)

If I remembered that technique correctly, your browser should now be able to reach the MBL dashboard. From it you can switch the MBL from static IP addr back to the default DHCP support. Or you can set a static IP address on the subnet used by your router.

Successfully doing either of these will (probably) break your connection with your MBL, but after you undo those 3 steps above and re-insert your router between your PC and MBL you should be back in business.

If I’ve made mistakes in this, or if somebody has an easier solution, I’m sure you will see it in a response.