VOB's and metadata

New user trying to get this thing working right.  Firmware 2.04.13

I have a couple confusing issues here that may be related or separate.

I have a NAS with a “Movies” share that contains DVD VOB files in the following structure …


–movie title folder


----background.jpg etc.

----movie.xml (from  Media Master)


------VOB_1 etc.

All files and folders are structurally identical and work fine with Media Center and XBMC.

When I use the “Media Library” option the 1st seven movies are out of sort sequence, have thumb art, but will NOT start by selecting the icon (the “OK” button simply drills down and shows the Video_TS folder, the play button tells me “no media in folder”).  The remainder of the movies ARE sorted correctly, have NO thumb art, but WILL start with either the “OK” or play buttons.

When I turn off the “Media Library” option ALL movies have thumb art, ARE sorted correctly but NONE will start from the icon.

I have suffered through the library compile a couple times (2 -3 hours) with the same results.  Another post suggested deleting any AUDIO_TS folders that may exist, which I have tried to no effect.  The folder structure is pretty basic and standard, what am I missing on Live Hub that would cause these strange effects?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Try changing your FOLDER.JPG file to be the same name as the MOVIE TITLE FOLDER.

Same with MOVIE.XML   (the Hub will Ignore XML files that aren’t properly named.)

But as to why it’s telling you NO MEDIA, I don’t know about that…

Seem to have found some solution here.

The movies that were out of sort, had thumb art, but would not start, failed because they had an apostrophe in the folder title.  Stripped that off, re-compiled and voila … works.  The rest of the issues were simply that Live Hub does not like thumbs and metadata from Media Center Master.  Going to try ThumbGen, which works, but god that’s a lot of files to redo.  Might be easier though than OPTIONS/GET INFO.

Can’t read an apostrophe ?  What the heck … even Windows is not that strict …

1 fix down, 1 to go.