VOB Playback issues


I updated my setup.  My old setup was 2 WDTV SMP connected to a network share on a pc.  SMP 1 connects wireless and SMP2 is wired.  I play vob and dvr-ms files hosted on a PC network share.  I have had no issues with this setup.

I purchased a WD 3TB drive and connected to SMP2.  SMP2 plays all media fine.  SMP1 which now connects to the shared SMP2 drive can no longer play vob files.  The dvr-ms files play fine on SMP1.

If I connect SMP1 to the PC share, vob files play fine.   It is only when its connected to the SMP2 share that the vob files won’t play.

I can connect to the SMP2 drive with a PC both wired and wireless and play the vob files fine so I don’t think there are any network  issues.    

Both SMP devices have the latest firmware and they both have a different network name.

Is there a solution to this issue?

Thanks in advance.

I read in another thread about try turning off dvd navigation and I did and that seemed to fix the issue.  Not sure why and I do lose the chapter skip but at least its working.

What do you mean by “won’t play?”

What i mean by won’t play is that it starts to play fine for a few seconds then the sound goes then almost freezes.  It is unwatchable.

Yeah, sounds like your WiFi network doesn’t have enough bandwidth to play VOBs in DVD mode.  It’s probably fine if they’re in ISO format.