VOB network playback and new firmware

I noticed that there is a reported  bug with network (share) playback of .VOB files.  I’m curious about two possible solutions:

1.  Is there a similar problem with earlier versions of the firmware ? Could you revert back ?

2.  Has anyone tried renaming the extension of a single .VOB file to .MPG (since the vob is mpeg2) and see if it plays back fine ?


It doesn’t affect the Live Hub, only the Live / Live +.

That is good news.  Have you tested it for release 2.04.13 ?   According to phone support and the latest release notes, it’s a problem.  How and what it affects, no one knows.

Release 2.04.13 (3/8/11)

  • Supports Tune-In radio application.
  • Supports Deezer music application.
  • Supports Flingo media application.
  • Supports 7.1 channel audio passthrough.

General Info:
Known issue with playback of .VOB files over network share.
We have temporarily blocked USB mounting of Advanced Format (4k sector) HDD greater than 2TBs

Hmmmm.  Actually, no, I haven’t tried it since 2.04.13.   However, it’s been a problem on the Live / Live+ for LONGER than the previous release for the Hub.

I hadn’t noticed that in the release notes before.

All of my DVDs are ISO format, not VOB, so it’s immune to that anyway, but I do keep a couple in VOB format just for testing.

If you can test them with whatever version you’re running that would be great. 

 I’ve been thinking of getting the “Live Hub” but I’ve got hundreds of VOB’s and I don’t want to go down the road of “vaporware firmware”. 

If you run a test on a couple of network shared VOB’s let me know what you find out or what the issue is.   If it’s a matter of the box “not seeing” the extension .VOB then try changing the extension to .MPG.  Maybe this is just a unique problem with this latest firmware…or…just lousy playback of the VOB’s ??   Not sure.

Thanks for your knowledge and expertiese.


10 minutes watching Double Jeopardy in VOB format, no problem… On the Live, it takes less than a minute…

Well, that’s great.  When I called support today they said: “No, they won’t playback” “It’s a known problem” “Wait for an Update”.

Thanks for taking the time to check it out for me.  Support should hire you.