VLC Media Player has complete access to My Cloud Personal Cloud Storage Device

Good Day,

I recently discovered that VLC Media Player has complete access to My Cloud storage device. Any device (smartphone / tablet) that has VLC Media Player software installed on it, once connected to my router, has complete access to my files on my cloud storage.

I am the only registered user on my cloud device, and all my sharing permissions on all folders are set to ‘OFF’.

I recently accessed my cloud device from VLC player from a smartphone (3rd party). Once you select the network option, two my cloud icons appear under the server tab, the first - WD My Cloud PnP, and the 2nd is WD My Cloud. If you select the first option, you gain complete access to my folders without having to enter any password credentials, the 2nd selection however prompts you for password credentials. I tried this test from a 2nd device and was also successful at retrieving data.

How is this happening? I would appreciate your feedback soonest. I use my cloud drive to store sensitive and confidential information for business purposes. I’ve shut-down my device until I am able to completely resolve this problem.

I am using Smartware Pro version

Your assistance in this matter would be most appreciated.



Do you own a My Cloud Home or WD MY CLOUD? WDMyCloudImage

I own a WD My Cloud.

The WD My Cloud forum is here …


Thank You Joey! I have re-posted my question to that forum…