Vista business machine backup errors

One of the PCs on my network can’t be backed up due to VSS errors on the client.  There are VSS errors 8194 with this in the details.  Suggestions to fix the client?  TIA.


Operation: Gathering Writer Data Context: Writer Class Id: (lots of hex…)

WRTWRTIC 00001088

  • Call: WRTWRTIC 00001056
  • PID:00001464
  • TID:00001276
  • CMD: 
    C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe  -k NetworkService      
  • User:

was there evr another backup product on the box like storagecraft, acronis, maxtor etc?

Also look at

Any drives uEFI/GPT? None larger than 2tb?

I am still having problems with one Vista client and one Windows 7 client.  I can’t get them to backup.

I did a chkdsk to veryify the disks were good.

I was getting 8193 and 8194 errors, but those are gone.  I ran dcomcnfg and added Network Service to the allowed users to get the 8193 and 8194 errors to go away.

Now the backup will stall and the monitor shows 1% complete for a half hour or so and the job fails with an error.

An error prevented backup from creating a snapshot of the volumes on this computer.

It appears to be some kind of VSS timeout.  Any suggestions??  TIA!

Does your WD box have all of the update rollups from Microsoft?  Windows update turned on and up to date?

Look in the client event logs for the VSS error and post it back

Also check your services for each machine make sure that VSS is set to manual not automatic as that can cause issues. I have seen the before with Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery products.

You can also in most backup products tell the software not to use VSS.

Last thing is I have had this same issue on a Windows 2008 enterprise server with the before mentioned BESR and it was a problem with files that were stored on the Hard drive that it was not able to parse through. They were named to long somehow, usually corruption and it caused the software to just go HUH??? then fail the backup. Check files for really long names with symbols in the naming could be the issue there.


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