Vista 32 help please?

I was given the My Book World Edition as a christmas gift, and have had quite a bit of difficulty already.

By some sheer of luck, my desktop’s CD Drive managed to break. I thought I was in luck when I spotted WD Discovery and Backup software on the WD website. I downloaded those two applications to my desktop, and discovery is able to identify the HD.

My laptop, on the otherhand, won’t.

It’s not my CD Drive, as no other CD has this problem, but for some reason my laptop won’t recognize the Installation cd at all. It’ll pretend to load, and then pop it out with a message saying “please insert disk”.  This is probably a vista issue, so I decided to go the same route with my desktop and download the two applications again. Well, unlike with the desktop, discovery can’t identify the HD on the laptop.

I disabled my firewalls to attempt a connection, but nothing. I have no idea what to do. My brother is a pretty big computer whiz and he’s at loss of what to do as well.

Help please?

I like to do things aside from provided software and utilize Windows basic functions for connecting to devices.

The drive must be plugged directly into the router and allowed access. You may have to go to DMZ mode on your router’s firewall for the initial setup.

The software is meant for the basic user to perform these modest functions.

Try typing in the default name of the device into your web browser:



If this doesnt work, you will need to possibly login to your router and locate the name and ip address of the device to see if it is connected to your network as a local device. If it is not you have a router issue. - Type the IP address of the device in your web browser for acces to the configuration page

It would be best to login to the web interface/configuration of the drive and update the firmware.!!&p_li=&p_topview=1

Default user: admin

Default password: admin

After logging into the configuration page complete the wizard for date/time settings and password

Log back in and Go to the advanced mode and click update

Ignore the software for the time being and manually map to the drive through Windows.

Right-click Computer

Click Map network drive and choose a drive letter or keep it at the default.

follow the example below the address path in the Windows drive mapping utility: [\mybookworld\public](file://%5C%5Cmybookworld%5Cpublic)

Folder on device should be accessible for reading and writing to through Windows